Giving Back to the World

Welcome! We are starting Harvard's first Giving Pledge, encouraging graduates of Harvard College to donate a small percentage of their income to highly effective charities.


Our Opportunity

Despite the world being wealthier today than at any other point in human history, one billion people still live in extreme poverty. In most cases, we want to help, but hesitate because we don't know how—the problems seem too large, too distant and too complex. The goal of the Harvard Giving Pledge is to enable Harvard students to give back in a thoughtful, meaningful and effective way.

1,600 Undergraduate students per class
$70K Average post-graduation salary
$1.1M Possible annual 1% donation to charity

Our Objective

Our aim is to change Harvard's culture toward giving by encouraging graduates to donate 1% of their income to the most effective charities.

About Us

We are a small group of nineteen Harvard undergraduate students working towards making the world a better place for everyone. We firmly believe large-scale change is possible with the resources available to us today and we are devoted to making that change happen. If you'd like to join us in any capacity, feel free to reach out.


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